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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> stay with us for "good >> stay with us for "good morning america." captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good thursday morning many thank you for waking up early and joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. we have a lot to get to. >> let's check in with lisa argen. good morning. we are starting out with low clouds and fog around the bay. just to the east bay, we are looking at temperatures on the mild side mid and upper 50s, no 70s, grab the jacket temperatures coming down today in a much more narrow range, 60s and 70s around the bay. warmest inland valley number
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should top out around 79° around livermore valley today low clouds and fog hang on along the shoreline. we'll pinpoint cities, coming up. pardon my foggy voice blame the american league west champions, excuse me. golden gate bridge clear this morning, no fog and roadwork at the north portion of the span you may find yourself down to one lane in the southbound direction and northbound direction until 5:00 this morning. elsewhere, accident southbound 101 cesar chavez in san francisco blocking a lane, chp on scene. roadwork southbound through mill valley those bright lights are very distracting take extra care. it has been a violent night in san jose. police are investigating the city's 35th and 36th homicides of the year latest shortly after midnight in east san jose many officers say a
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man standing with several people near a residence was hot to death by someone who approached them then ran. in downtown area a fight 100 block of south second street a man died at the hospital. vallejo police investigating a deadly double shooting that may have result from a dispute between neighbors. one man is under arrest. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: i just spoke with a man who lives on the street, he says he cannot believe this happened here. police arrived here last night and found two bodies in a yard here it is a nice, well-kept street with new construction, two-story homes. they arrested a 65-year-old after a hostage negotiator convinced him to surrender. he does live on the street. police haven't said what they believe the motive was behind
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the shooting. residents say the suspect and the victims knew each otr ll. >> shocked, he seems like a nice person, community guy, helps around here when people come by he is always saying hi. it is shocking in this neighborhood for this to >> reporter: -- police say the victims are 50 and 58-years-old they haven't released anything else. this happened after 6:00 last night, a double murder on a quiet street that has this neighborhood shaking its head. people asking some questions. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. no knock-out punches during the first presidential debate we did see a strong showing from mitt romney on topics from the economy to health care. mark matthews has a look at
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first match-up. [ applause ] >> reporter: mitt romney ran to the middle telling the country lowering the tax rates for wealth any americans would not lower the amount of taxes they pay. >> my view is we ought to provide tax relief to people in the middle class. i'm not going to reduce share of taxes paid by high income people. >> reporter: romney said he would close tax loopholes and limit reductions to the rich. >> the president: it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdenning the middle class, it is math, -- arithmetic. >> i like the way we did it in massachusetts. >> reporter: romney said he would repeople obama care but not all the parts people like. >> number one, preexisting conditions are covered under my plan. young people are able to stay on their family plan. >> the president: what your plan does is duplicate what already law.
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>> reporter: the president's responses did not pin romney to what he said during the prime reese and he was able to reframe his positions. >> you have to have regulation there's some parts of dodd-frank that make sense. >> reporter: where romney was weakest was in specifics. the president aid that point many >> the president: at some point the american people have to ask is the reason governor romney is keeping all these plans to replace secret, because they are too good? >> reporter: tom time and again romney had last word. >> i have to -- >> i have to respond which is my experience as a governor, if i come in and lay down a piece of legislation and say it is my way or the highway, i don't get a lot done. >> that was political reporter mark matthews. if you missed the debate you can see it by going to next debate a week from today in danville, kentucky. vice president biden and
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congressman ryan face off. abc 7 will air the debate live. 4:35, san francisco archdiocese will install a new archbishop this afternoon. two thousand people are expected to watch. he was pained by pope benedict xvi in july to replace retiring archbishop. the 56-year-old was bishop of oakland and is a staunch supporter of prop 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage. gay rights supporters plan to protest outside today's event. he is due in court next tuesday to face a d ui charge in san francisco after -- after being stopped in august. protest will be held at google over its decision not to remove an anti-islamic movie clip from youtube. the movie produced by a southern california filmmaker sparked violent protests overseas.
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they are asking google which owns youtube to take the 13 minute trailer off the cy google refused. -- the a's preparing for baseball's post-season they enter as the american league champions west. the a's and fans celebrated yesterday after the team swept the rangers to win the division title on the final day of the regular season. >> it is fan fast take, unbelievable! it been coming for 20 years this is great. >> been waiting for the a's to get back we are going to do it this year. >> come back and how else can we do it today, come back if behind. >> does it get any better? improbable season for the a's climbing from 13 games back of first place three months ago to end up on top.
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a's and tigers meet in best of five series saturday in detroit, 3 p.m. pacific, game two sunday in detroit. then back to oakland tuesday for the final three games tickets for those games are now on sale i am >> giants are playing the playoffs. >> you probably knew that. >> they are going -- they are going to meet the reds best of five series starting saturday at at&t game time 6:30. >> did you get tickets through the lottery? >> not through the lottery. >> you have to tell me about the other means. >> you are reading too much into it. >> all hot tickets. the heat is starting to go away. >> it is going near the coast and parts of marin. lisa where else is it going from? >> pretty much everywhere this morning return to low clouds and fog. it has not made its way inland cloudy hayward and oakland,
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still mild you may feel that as you step out, 60 napa, oakland, antioch. the southwest winds gusting to 33 miles an hour towards the delta. 60 half moon bay, pretty comfortable out there. we still are looking at the 24 hour temperature change as much as 19° cooler in fremont this morning. a little warmer on the coast. looking at west wind to continue to cool us off throughout the day today. here's the way it looks throughout the rest of the morning, upper 50s, near 60 anyone by noon, partly cloudy, low 60s to upper 60s. middle of the afternoon to late afternoon, clue the -- through the 70s inland east bay high temperatures just about 80°. it is not going to budge much in the next three days, going to feel more like autumn around here. good morning. live shot once again excuse my voice, blame the a's. we've go a live shot of the
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bay bridge traffic light no problems here. if you are driving out of antioch commute is good towards pittsburg into concord less than 20 minutes according to your road sensors out of the central valley up and over altamont pass good ride 15 minutes into dublin and pleasanton. oracle open world wraps today that traffic nightmare will be wrapping as well howard street today closed between third and fourth and south of market jammed anywhere near mosconey center. elsewhere bart, muni and ferries on time and good alternate for all major events fleet week, america's cup, lots of things going on, take mass transit this weekend. no apologies for losing your voice a little, you see that if being at the coliseum? >> how is she going to sound during the playoffs? we are not going to hear her at all. >> we'll have to just watch her. family pet targeted by thieves, next. the plea made by a 10-year-old girl and her family in the
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hope that they will see miko again. famous passenger seen climbing out of a blue angels jet at sfo. >> we know that guy. >> >> reporter: in today's tech bites new facebook service aims to get your post seen by more, promote will move your selected post to the top of your friend's news feeds for a price the feature is expected to cost users around $7 a pop. amazon has a new e-reader. the kindle paper white features a built-in light similar to the glow light on the nook. it gets high marks. >> screen is nice, built-in light is nice, nice features you time to read and with x-ray i think amazon has come out with a solid e-reader. >> paper white stars at $119.
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good morning. ly look outside this is the embarcadero you are looking at the bay bridge year but we have the fog moving back in this morning cooler in a lot of places as of yesterday late afternoon that cooling is going to continue today. meteorologist lisa argen checks out the temperatures in your neighborhood. emotional plea for the return of a stolen dog from a 10-year-old girl. monday thieves broke through a sliding glass door, stole electronic equipment and a five-month-old dog named miko. >> so messed up, when they are making their quick buck, they don't realize how much emotions are tied to this this is just not a dog, it is not money, it is my daughter's
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heart. >> try to turn him into me, it would mean the world to me if you turn him in. >> there's a $,000 reward for miko's return. the dog has a microchip they hope someone buys miko and will discover he has a chip and bring him back. bay area hero helping kickoff fleet week. captain sully sullenberger touched down at san francisco international after a ride along with the blue angels yesterday. you remember that danville pilot landed a damaged us airways jet in the hudson river in 2009, saving everyone onboard. the captain says it has been 32 years since he was in a fighter jet. he said yesterday's flight was better than he remembers. >> and he downplays what he did on the hudson to this day. true hero. life on the run comes to an abrupt end for a bay area
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embezzler convicted cheating innocent victims out of millions. new health warning over everyday products. the study that may have you tossing them out. protecting your vehicles from thieves. new technology helping you win the battle.
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good morning. we are not talking severe weather across the nation autumn-like across the east. 70s and 80s, stalled out frontal boundary to the south and east and we have airport delays up and around the newark area, laguardia watch out for rain and showers along the eastern seaboard. closer to home, right now no delays. we have an onshore flow and low clouds and fog made their way back to the a area live
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doppler shows smattering of low clouds and fog. will they impact your morning commute and temperatures? right now they are mild. rest of the forecast in a bit. this morning a convicted embezzler is back in custody in san francisco after two weeks on the run.y shaw faces up to 35 years in prison for his role in the -- prince real estate scam it involves three condos in san francisco. shaw form deeds transfered condos to shell corporations and took out loans on the properties, he jumped bail last month after he was convicted. >> the attorney's office will to decide whether to retry and san francisco police crime lab tech accused of stealing judge evidence. the judge declared a mistrial yesterday after jurors said they able to reach a verdict against deborah madden jurors agreed she took cocaine from
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the lab but disagreed whether prosecutors proved she did it my means of deception. the d.a.'s office was forced to dismiss 500 drug-related cases. memorial for the u.s. ambassador killed in libya will be held in san francisco in two weeks. ambassador chris stevens died in an attack in benghazi last month. he warned a colleague in august not to travel to libya because of safety concerns. stevens had a home in the bay area. the memorial will be held october 16th in the rotunda at san francisco's city hall. it will be open to the public and set to start at 4:30 p.m.. california highway patrol says, auto -- auto thefts have gone down in the state for the sixth year in a row, dropped 1.3% during the past year and they say due to enforcement, education and using high-tech advancements that can help deter or catch auto thieves we
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also have increased technology, license plate reader technology, lojack technology and our bait vehicle technology where we place cars in places where we want them to be stolen. >> interesting the chp says of the more than 156,000 sleeks reported stolen last year, nearly 85% were recovered. still the economic cost to californians last year about a billion dollars. yesterday, whow! really hot then -- whoa! really hot then sea breezes and the whole picture change. >> already feeling the affects of the cool down as we head out this morning, we have low clouds and fog, marine layer about 1,000 to 1500 feet, not looking at low clouds and fog except chose to the -- except
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close to the coast. feeling a lot different. live doppler this morning showing low clouds and fog banked up along the shoreline from the san mateo coast up to the north and marin county. they have not made fit into the east -- made it int the east bay hills, mild, 60 oakland, 58 in the city. 60 in antioch this morning with 59 in livermore, 57 and clear sky in san jose. we will be looking at a much, much more comfortable day today, 24 hours ago we were very, very mild. this morning, few degrees of cooling since yesterday morning 12° of cooling with the southwest wind up to 33 miles an hour due to this onshore flow. we'll continue to see the low clouds and fog throughout the afternoon that will keep west winds blowing along -- allowing for cooling pattern today over the weekend and into next week if you have plans for the next several
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days, forecast unchanged the past three, four days, another pattern where low clouds and fog will start out, comfortable in the afternoon. finally, the system will bring slight chance of showers not until after the weekend but it will allow for temperatures to stay a bit below average only in the 60s and 70s not only today, that is going to be much of the forecast for the weekend. 82 in sacramento the only 80 for cast you will see, much of the south bay mid 70s santa clara, 70 san mateo, 63 in the city across the bay upper 60s. good morning sue. live shot of the san mateo bridge moving nicely in both directions, tail lights towards foster city, headlights hayward area. eastbound direction roadwork by foster city boulevard towards the flat section of the span. live look at 80 freeway towards the macarthur maze east shore freeway moving
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nicely no delays at the bay bridge toll. south 101 roadwork in mill valley through the strawberry area, down to one lane southbound that should be picked up by 6:00 this morning. bart is experiencing a 10 to 15 minute delay in the pittsburg direction also dublin, fremont, richmond, sfo and millbrae due to stalled maintenance vehicle on the tracks. no other delays for mass transit at this hour. >> while were you telling us that just got a note from bart that is now a major delay. the time has been extended. that means entirety to 45 minutes. we'll -- means 30 to 45 minutes. we'll keep you posted. some products contain bpa, uc berkeley researchers study this compound ma mimics estrogen among mothers with -- [ unintelligible ]
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major pharmaceutical company stop shipping anti-depressant fda says the pill does not work the way it should. in 300 milligram doses the drug does not work as well as wellbutrin. the pill fails to release the drug too a patient's blood at the same rate and the same extent as wellbutrin. the study doesn't say why. the study points out the 150 milligram version of the drug does work effectively. to what may be the future of painkillers. black mambo snake is one of the deadly on the planet.
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researchers say the venom holds a compound that can rival morphine and does not have morphine's side effects of respiratory issues. further studies underway to see if it works on people. the presidential debate mitt romney struck a nerve with social media when he said he would eliminate the subsidy for the public broadcast system. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs, i like pbs, i love big bird. >> someone speedly -- immediately started a fire big -- [ unintelligible ] gangnum-style a hit with one baby who refuses to eat.
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>> check this out. a london father says feeding 10-month-old benjamin is an ordeal, the dad says all that changes when he plays gangnam-style on his computer, the baby gets transfixed and eats his lunch without problem i am look at him. however, as soon as the video goes off, benjamin gets fussy again. >> i think the message is leave the video on. street violence takes two more lives in san jose. the latest on an investigation at -- latest in the investigation. frightening scene why deputies say they were forced to shoot a man. >> [ unintelligible ] dramatic rescue on the rpep
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